Chaser v1.50 Full Version (Total Players: 0)
*USSF* Open (0/30)
Map: Final Strike (ST)
Chaser v1.49 Demo Version (Total Players: 1)
*USSF* Open (0/30)
Map: Final Strike (ST)

ChaserZone | Open #1 (0/10)
Map: Final Strike (ST)

Password Locked
gimy (1/20)
Map: Building Site (ST)
Law BreakersGovernment Forces
Player NameScorePing
Player NameScorePing (0/30)
Map: Building Site (DM)


The Anti-Hack Patch

15.01.2014 - 23:33 | Spectre

I am pleased to announce that an Anti-Hack Patch has been under development in the last few months. The names of those working on this patch shall be kept anonymous until its release, to free them of the burden of having the entire community asking questions about it. No details about the patch have been or will be released. The patch can be expected within a month or two, so expect clean hack-free servers in the near future!

New Donations, New Moderators

26.11.2013 - 03:47 | Spectre

We have recently received much support for the CGP Project. I\'d like to give a massive shout out for Wulle who donated 50€, this will keep the servers up for almost half a year alone! Another big shout out for Nemesis and PadRe who together donated 40€, I welcome you three to the CGP team, and again, thank you for your donations!

Rukul recently donated 3 months worth of hosting! We thank you for your support, welcome to the CGP team!

NEW: CGP Launcher v1.2

27.05.2013 - 22:32 | Spectre

The new CGP Launcher v1.2 is available for download !

Added Features:
+ Ability to create servers on Chaser v1.50 and v1.49
+ Ability to manage maps within the Map Manager
+ Ability to download new maps with the Map Downloader
+ Support for the CGP Servers' new ban system
+ Fixed support for new ban system

DOWNLOAD NOW : CGP Launcher v1.2

Program Author: Matt Davis (Spectre)